The Hair Boutique is now a proudly La Biosthetique salon using only La Biosthetique products on your hair. We love them (and you will too!) because:

  • The product is made at single-purpose, dedicated and state-of-the-art laboratories at the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany (where the use of chemical ingredients is highly regulated by the EU) ¬†which means we know exactly what goes in the product and how precisely and artfully it’s made
  • It was founded in 1947 by a Parisian bio-chemist, Marcel Contier. Fancy…!
  • We’re one of a limited collection of salons around the world who have the opportunity to offer this exquisite product – it’s because they think we’re cool!
  • La Biosthetique forbid any kind of animal testing and also use natural and nature-identical ingredients as a priority. They’re also have a carbon neutral footprint.
  • Marcel Contier’s passion for bio-chemistry means that the La Biosthetique product works in biological balance with our bodies. What!
  • Colour with Care – this may be the coolest thing about La Biosthetique: every tube of colour sold around the world will raise funds for the global non-for-profit organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors without Borders.

So now you know! If you’re ready to book and give this lovely stuff a try and get your hair did, click here. If you say “I’d like to try La Bio!” we’ll give you a 10% discount at your appointment. (Valid until June 30, 2017).