Beauty does comes from within…

…but our hair is full of emotion – it tells the world about our individual styles and our perception of our paths. It screams when it needs to scream and whispers when it’s time for quiet. Like the ocean it ebbs and flows with our characters and we, along with our amazing stylists, travel this sea indefinitely. With all of our passion for hair and the highest expertise, skills and experience – and a bit of personality too! – we’re waiting for your visit, waiting to start our journey together. Let us help you be free with your hair.

The Hair Boutique was started by award winning stylist Janic Leech in 2012 after many years in the industry. The Hair Boutique’s style and form grew into itself by itself – we had a vision and our clients, our personalities, our general vibe became what our salon is today.

See below for some photos of our salon or here to read about our amazing team of stylists.