We are offering 2 summer specials from the 28th December through to the 31st January 2017.

The first is perfect as an intro to colour, a last minute touch up, a desperate need for moisture or if you are just in need of some oomph. You will receive a colour touch up or highlight refresh, a cut and blow wave  plus an intense moisture treatment all for only $199

Our second offer is absolutely amazing if you are struggling with the humidity effects on your hair over these warmer months. Remember that episode of friends with Monica’s hair growing in size during her Hawaii trip…if you feel like that is your battle…we can help and it doesn’t involve permanent straightening. The product we use is called Brasil Cacau ECO keratin. We have tried nearly all the smoothing treatments on the market today and feel we can achieve the best result with this range.

The ECOkeratin Brasil Cacau formulation combines rich raw materials and incorporates the latest Brasil Cacau technology. Brazilian ECOkeratin reconstructs with the help of Sugarcane Extract and Cystine. Omega 3 and 6 also have a powerful ability to reconstruct and Acai berry is rich in antioxidants. The Brazilian ECOkeratin reinforces the internal hair structure, Sugarcane Extract and Cysteine synergize with the hair’s natural keratin to condition, reconstruct, smooth and seal the cuticle, while eliminating frizz and providing internal and external protection to the hair.

As an intro to this amazing smoothing treatment we are offering the service at a reduced rate.

Short hair $320 usually $400

Medium hair $400 usually $500

Long hair $480 usually $600

With both offer’s the T and C’s are, we do charge a surcharge for extra long or thick hair to cover the cost of extra product. Other than that you can book these with all stylists (on the days they are working) on any day at any time for your convenience, call us on 09 478 7084