Be set free from damaged hair – have stronger hair that holds colour longer!

Professional colour can sometimes result in damage and breakage since the only way to deposit colour and lighten hair is by breaking the bonds that hold in your natural colour. The lighter you go, the more destructive the colour may be. This bond multiplier, Olaplex preserves the integrity of the delicate bonds of hair and rebuilds them, no matter how light you go or how often you colour. The scientist-developed treatment literally goes into the hair and links back together the broken bonds, in turn making hair stronger and healthier.

How to use it?

Available only in salons, Olaplex can be mixed into colour or used as a standalone treatment (but it’s not to be confused with a conditioning or protein treatment – it doesn’t coat hair like conditioners do). First, the bond multiplier goes into the colour or lightener, allowing it to make the lightener work harder for better, uncompromised results and stronger, shinier healthier hair. Next the Bond Perfector is applied to assist in the linking of broken bonds and continue the reparative process. Lastly, is the Hair Perfector, a take home product that’s combined with any shampoo and conditioner, to keep hair healthy out of the salon.

Why is it a break through?

Colour assurance like this never existed before. Olaplex is a breakthrough in the colour department because this is the first time we have even been able to repair the bonds within the hair and actually restore it while also colouring and lightening the hair so that it can be pushed father than ever before. It’s not a Band-Aid treatment at all – it permanently restores hair.

So now away from the techy talk…whose hair is it best for? Well everyone that gets colour will benefit from this remarkable product. If you have fine dry brittle hair that takes forever to grow then this product is for you. If you want to go lighter then this product is for you. If you want those pale pastel colours we keep posting about then this product is for you. Think Kim Kardashian brunette babe one minute to blonde bombshell the next and in 1 day, yes! this is the product that made that happen!

In saying this though it does depend on the existing condition of your hair, you may require pre-treatments prior to your makeover or it might take several treatment applications during your hair appointment if going from one extreme to another, all this can be discussed with your stylists at the start of your appointment.

$35 added to any colour service
$70 for a stand alone treatment incl blow wave